Dentures in denver

What can I expect from full and partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are often recommended for patients who are missing just a few teeth. They consist of multiple false teeth, which are attached to a wire and plastic framework. This framework clips onto your remaining healthy teeth, holding the false teeth in place and restoring your smile.

Full dentures are built to rest on top of your gums perfectly, and they are held in place with friction. Denture adhesive can also be used for a stronger hold and tighter fit.

Get your smile back at OG Dental

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Dentures offer a non-invasive, fast solution for missing teeth
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With our advanced technology and methods, your dentures will look and feel natural
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Restore your confidence and your bite
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Dentures are an affordable tooth replacement option
How Much do dentures cost?
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Since there are so many different factors that determine the cost of dentures, it is difficult to give an accurate estimate without a consultation. The cost of dentures depends on how many teeth need replacement, whether you need partial or full dentures and your level of overall oral health. After a brief examination and assessment, our team will give you an accurate estimate of your treatment cost and help you determine a payment option that works well with your budget.

What are the benefits of dentures?
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Dentures are a great replacement option for missing teeth because they offer a fast, non-invasive treatment. Within just 2-3 weeks, you can replace one or all of your teeth with dentures from OG Dental. They are also one of the most affordable solutions for missing teeth and they are often covered by dental insurance. With today’s modern technology, dentures look more natural than ever and they are a great way to restore your confidence after suffering from tooth loss.