The Benefits of Fluoride

The Benefits of Fluoride

Since infancy, the need for fluoride in dental care has been emphasized, from Charlie Brown cartoons through elementary school movies featuring villain microorganisms and heroic toothbrushes. But what precisely is fluoride? What does it do for our teeth, and how do we acquire it? Here are some facts regarding fluoride and fluoridated water that will help you with your oral health.

Fluoride Advantages

There are some of the many ways that making sure that fluoride is in your daily routine will benefit you. Fluoride isn't just something that we use once and its gone. Its something that works 24/7. This is something that is a natural mineral that isn't in our typical diet. Also how making sure that your regularly seeing your Denver CO Dentist can benefit you in knowing where you stand with your oral health.

Fluoride Strengthens Tooth Enamel, Preventing Cavities

Our teeth are made of hydroxyapatite, a calcium phosphate mineral. The acid-producing bacteria in our mouths constantly damages tooth enamel. Our bodies constantly rebuild enamel, but not always fast enough to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is nature's cavity fighter since it: Replaces the hydroxyl molecule during remineralization, making enamel stronger.

Getting Enough Fluoride Is As Simple As...

- Drinking water from the tap
- Brushing your teeth two times daily with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes.
- Your dentist in Denver CO can apply a fluoride varnish, gel, foam, or rinse.
- If your water source isn't fluoridated, there are options to take a fluoride supplement.

Fluoride Is Normal

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral component found in rocks, soil, water, and food. From oats to grapes to asparagus to most shellfish, many foods contain minor quantities of fluoride. As a result, we naturally get calcium fluoride (fluoride) in our bodies. It's a necessary vitamin for healthy bones and teeth.

Fluoride Operates Round The Clock

Our friends over at Stuart Dentist, the best dentist in Stuart FL talk about how with saliva, fluoride is constantly bathing your teeth. This gives ongoing bacterial protection. It's applied topically when you use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash.

Fluoride Isn't In Your Typical Daily Diet

In water and many foods, fluoride is found in small amounts. Even the richest fluoride foods only give 2–4% of sufficient daily consumption per serving. To make sure that everyone has access to this fantastic benefit, several towns add the appropriate amount of fluoride to their water supplies

Fluoridated Water Is Safe To Drink

For 75 years, fluoridated water has been studied and distributed. An ideal quantity of fluoride in municipal water is safe and effective in avoiding tooth decay by at least 25% in children and adults.

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