Root Canal Facts

Root Canal Facts: What You Need to Know

Root canals in Denver CO are one of the most common dental procedures. It is a treatment that involves the removal of the soft tissue (the pulp) inside the tooth’s root canal. A root canal can be a necessary procedure for many reasons, but it is often done when there is a deep cavity or infection in the tooth. At OG Dental in Denver CO, we understand that this procedure may come with some anxiety and fear, so here are some facts about root canals that you should know before coming in for your appointment.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

During a root canal, we will begin by numbing the area around your affected tooth and make an opening to access the pulp inside. We will then remove any damaged or infected tissue from the root canal and use small files to shape and clean it out. Once it has been cleaned, we will fill the opening with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha which prevents bacteria from entering and causing future infections. Finally, the opening will be sealed off with cement or other materials to protect it from further damage.

Pain Relief After a Root Canal

Contrary to popular belief, getting a root canal does not have to be painful! As mentioned previously, we start by numbing the area around your affected tooth so you won’t feel anything during the procedure itself. Afterwards, as your body adjusts back to normal following treatment you may experience some discomfort similar to what you would feel after having surgery or an extraction performed. This can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen until your mouth has healed completely which usually takes several days up to two weeks depending on your situation.

For severe cases of pain after a root canal, we recommend that you take prescription medication as prescribed by our Denver CO dentists at OG Dental if necessary.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Getting a root canal is essential for protecting your oral health and preventing further damage down the line because it removes any damaged tissue from inside your tooth’s root canal and seals off any openings where bacteria could enter and cause infection in other teeth or areas of your mouth. Additionally, getting this procedure done sooner rather than later can help you save time and money because it prevents more extensive treatments from being necessary down the road.      

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