Invisalign in Denver CO

Invisalign in Denver CO

For many individuals, traditional braces might be considered ugly. For months or years, metal discs and wires in their mouth are hardly their notions of heaven. Then there was Invisalign, the transparent retainer-based orthodontic method. Our Denver CO Dentist will help you determine whether or not Invisalign is the right choice for you.

Denver CO Invisalign Treatment

We suggest meeting with our Invisalign Denver CO dentist as they are familiar with the procedure and have seen the outcomes the system can provide. Understand that best dentist Denver CO may not suggest utilizing the system to correct your alignment difficulties if you go in.

What Invisalign Does and Doesn’t Correct

Adults and teenagers who want to avoid the sight of metal braces and the pain that comes with them are flocking to Invisalign. They were only utilized to address minor cosmetic dental adjustments for adults when they originally came out. They may now address overbite, underbite, crossbite, gapped teeth, and overcrowding using systems explains Dr. O’Grady, Invisalign Denver Highlands.

However, significantly rotated or pointed teeth might present complications that make this technique difficult to repair. Braces have improved over time to the point that dentists can accurately manage the movement of your teeth. While Invisalign is still a fantastic technique, it isn't as accurate as it once was.

Facts About Invisalign

How do you know which braces are best for you? Here are 10 facts about Invisalign that you should know before making your orthodontic treatment choice.

Invisalign Cannot Fix Every Issue

Despite advances in technology, there are still certain difficult orthodontic situations that aligners cannot properly treat or repair. Of course, you must consult your Denver dentist before selecting the right treatment for you.

Invisalign is Comfortable

Invisalign is typically very comfortable for our patients! Plus, you can take them in and out when eating, so you don't have to worry about getting food stuck in your trays. Also, Invisalign is fitted to your mouth, allowing us to provide custom trays.

Invisalign Should Be Worn 20-22 Hours a Day

Invisalign® aligners should be worn 20-22 hours each day.
In fact, aligners should be removed only for eating, drinking, and certain activities (such as some sports) where potential injury is possible. Additionally, you should wear them at night. When this guideline is broken, the micromovements of clear aligners are substantially disrupted, resulting in delayed results, discomfort, and problems. A consistent use of this guideline yields the best results. Missing a day here and there will merely delay the inevitable.

Invisalign is Popular

 Invisalign has been used to treat over 1,000,000 patients globally, and the figure is growing every day.

Invisalign Trays Are Removable

Invisalign aligner trays are removable, allowing you to eat and drink anything you want while cleaning and flossing your teeth as usual. This is extremely beneficial for younger patients who would normally have trouble brushing their teeth with traditional braces  explains our friend Dr. Ari, a pediatric dentist Murray Utah

There Are No Wires or Brackets

Invisalign treatment does not need wires or metal brackets. This removes the need for these sorts of changes during your trips to the doctor's office.

Invisalign Trays Are Rotated Every 2 Weeks

Every two weeks, the Invisalign aligners are switched. Invisalign aligners function by gradually shifting the teeth, with each new aligner tray bringing the teeth closer to their final destination. Although there isn't much movement from one tray to the next, your teeth do require time to adjust to the most recent position before the next tray is installed. Changing trays every two weeks is typically the most effective method.

Treatments can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months, however most patients will only wear their Invisalign  for around a year. As a result, most patients will require 20 to 30 aligner trays during the course of their therapy.

Contact OG Dental For Invisalign Treatment Today

Invisalign is an excellent alternative if you want to see the dentist less often. Progress check-ups are usually conducted every six weeks for most treatment regimens — that's once every three trays!

Furthermore, since you have each stage of trays at home, you do not need to see the orthodontist tighten your braces or modify band placement. Replace your trays every two weeks (or as frequently as your treatment plan suggests), and you're set to go!

So, if you want to enhance your smile without the appearance of braces, contact us to set up a consultation!