How To Fix A Cracked Tooth

How To Fix A Cracked Tooth

Perhaps you slipped and hit your head on the concrete. Alternatively, you may have been eating ice or hard sweets. It might be frightening to discover you have a cracked or broken tooth for the first time. But don't be concerned. It is possible to save your tooth and your smile by visiting Denver Highlands Dentist.

Different Ways To Fix A Cracked Tooth

We encounter a lot of patients with damaged or chipped teeth at our dental offices Denver CO. Our courteous emergency dentist Denver Highlands team and our qualified and experienced Denver CO dentist know how to manage this sort of circumstance.

To restore damaged teeth, we might utilize restorative and aesthetic techniques. The extent of your tooth damage will determine the best therapy for you. You do, however, have choices, and technological breakthroughs mean you no longer have to live with unsightly teeth.

People develop cracked or broken teeth for a variety of reasons. Even though your teeth' enamel is the toughest tissue in your body, it may be destroyed or cracked.

Teeth may be harmed in a variety of ways. Perhaps you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing, such as playing football without mouth protection or biting on a pencil. Maybe you were injured in a severe fall, collision, or blow.

According to the American Dental Association, hard candies, ice, citrus, coffee, dried fruit, potato chips, soda, alcohol, and sports drinks are among the top nine foods that cause tooth decay. Cavities and tooth decay may weaken your teeth, making them more susceptible to shatter while biting hard foods.

Types of Broken Teeth

Our Denver Highlands Dentist explains the different types of broken teeth:

Craze Lines 

These are tiny fractures that only harm the enamel's exterior layer. Adults often experience craze lines. They're superficial, don't hurt, and aren't worth worrying about except for the way they seem.

Broke Cusp

A fractured point is when a portion of a tooth's chewing surface breaks off. It usually doesn't cause a lot of discomfort.

Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is one in which a crack runs vertically from the chewing surface to the root. In this scenario, early detection is critical to preserve the tooth. A broken tooth that is not addressed can worsen over time and may end in tooth loss. Therefore, it is essential to get treatment for fractured teeth as soon as possible.

Split Tooth

A split tooth is frequently the consequence of a broken tooth that has been present for a long time. A fracture with discrete pieces that can be separated identifies it. It is impossible to preserve a split tooth in its whole.

Vertical Root Fracture

These fissures start at the tooth's root and extend to the chewing surface. They often exhibit minor indications and symptoms. They're usually detected when the bone and gums around them get inflamed.

Five Options For Repairing Cracked Tooth

Our dentist will assess which treatments below are the most excellent fit for you and your mouth.

1) Dental Bonding 

Chipped, cracked, decaying, discolored, malformed, and gapped teeth may be repaired by composite bonding. Composite bonding has a ten-year lifespan. Therefore, anesthesia will not be necessary throughout the surgery unless cavities are filled with bonding.

Our dentist will prepare your tooth by roughening it and applying a conditioning solvent. It will be applied, molded, then smoothed out using putty. The composite is then hardened using UV radiation. The tooth bonding will be sculpted and polished to match the rest of the tooth after curing it.

2) Veneers 

Veneers are tooth-colored coverings. Porcelain veneers are used at our dental practice because they provide the most appealing and realistic results.

The veneer is a thin layer of porcelain attached to the front of the tooth to change its look. Veneers may last up to 30 years with proper maintenance, so you won't have to worry about regularly updating them.

Veneers may be applied to a single tooth or a group of teeth. And how you want your surface to appear is entirely up to you. For many individuals, this cosmetic therapy is an excellent choice. However, veneers may not be suggested for you if you grind your teeth since you will wear them down.

3) Crowns

Dr. Boals, Colorado Springs Dentist, states that you may require a crown if your tooth is seriously damaged or you experience discomfort while eating or drinking. One of the most prevalent therapeutic procedures is crowns.

A crown is a cap covering and protecting the tooth while also improving its aesthetics. It protects your teeth by acting as a strong barrier. When you obtain a crown, you may avoid losing your tooth. A damaged tooth won't sustain chewing pressure without a crown.

To achieve a natural, consistent appearance, we utilize crowns made of tooth-colored porcelain at our dental practice. Our crowns are custom-made for each customer and precisely match their teeth.

4) Root Canal

A root canal may be used to treat a tooth that has developed a break that has reached the pulp. A crown may be inserted following the root canal to prevent the fracture from widening. You will be given a temporary crown to wear until then.

A root canal includes extracting the nerve and cleaning out damaged materials. This surgery has a poor record of being very uncomfortable. However, you should have no pain or minimal discomfort if done correctly.

A root canal may be necessary if you have pain, sensitivity, or edema. It might spread if the infection is not treated, resulting in an abscess, bone loss, and other significant complications.

5) Dental Implant

If you have a break in your tooth that extends past the gum line, it is no longer curable and must be extracted. First, you will need a tooth extraction, which entails the removal of your tooth. Then, to replace your natural tooth, you may have a dental implant.

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth. They serve as the replacement root for your tooth and are secured in your jawbone for a long-term fit.

Dr. O’Grady will put your permanent crown and guarantee a comfortable, secure fit at a subsequent visit.

We treat our patients the way we want to be treated at our dental clinic. We aim to impress you and go above and beyond. Don't put it off! Make an appointment to get your tooth fixed now! We'd love to assist you in achieving a stunning smile that you can be proud of.