How to Fix a Cracked Tooth 

How Your Dentist Will Fix a Cracked Tooth 

A cracked tooth can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous. Without treatment, you risk damaging your tooth's nerve. In other cases, an infection can emerge, posing serious health hazards. If you have any dental pain or discomfort, especially if you have a chipped tooth, you should see an emergency dentist in Denver, CO. Dr. O'Grady and his team can fix your cracked tooth.

When Should You Seek Dental Care For Cracked Teeth?

Your initial instinct may be to touch the surface of a chipped or broken tooth. Try not to do so. Instead, clean the region by rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the region is swollen, apply pressure to it until the bleeding stops. Wrap the tooth in damp gauze to protect it if you have it. Bring it with you to our dental office in Denver, CO. Dr. O'Grady will provide you with a few solutions. Some cracks may not need to be treated. Your dentist will likely take x-rays or use an lūm transillumination device to getter a better look. If you suspect you have a cracked tooth, contact OG Dental.

How Do Cracked Teeth Get Fixed?

The treatment method used by your dentist is determined by the severity of the crack and its location in the mouth. Among the choices available are:

  • Dental Bonding - When a tooth is chipped, dental bonding is a possibility. Bonding involves the application of a resin to the tooth's surface in order to shape it. It can fill up the gaps left by the missing piece. If you still retain the fractured component of the tooth, bonding can help keep it in place and restore its look.
  • Quick Polish - Another less complicated service is polishing. If only a little portion of the tooth is chipped, your dentist may polish the surface and edge of the tooth. This may help to reduce the presence of sharp edges.
  • Fillings: In some cases, the dentist may need to conduct root canal therapy or a filling. This may be advantageous if the tooth has substantial damage but can still be preserved. When the damage extends into the pulp of the tooth, fillings and root canals are useful.
  • Tooth Extraction: If the tooth cannot be saved, the dentist may decide to extract it as a final resort.

How to Get Assistance for a Cracked Tooth

If you have a broken tooth, please contact our Denver dental office right away. OG Dental offers emergency dental appointments for our patients. We will get you feeling as good as new in no time!