Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween in Denver

At OG Dental, we love this time of year! October is filled with spooky Halloween activities. But we don't want you to scare folks away with poor dental hygiene! We're sure that a lot of sweets will be provided to you and your children more frequently during this month. We love to indulge here at your Denver Highlands dentist, but we also want you to have a healthy Halloween. Here are dental tips for a Healthy Halloween recommended by Dr. O'Grady.

Consume Your Candy at the Appropriate Time of Day

Halloween candy and sweets should be consumed with or shortly after meals. During meals, saliva production increases. This helps to neutralize acids produced by bacteria in your mouth while also rinsing away food particles.

Keep Your Halloween Candy As a Treat Rather 

Snacking can increase your risk of cavities, and it's exacerbated if you continue to reach for sugary items from the candy bowl. Those sugars remain on your teeth throughout the day, eroding the enamel. Our friend Dr. Beth Herko, a family dentist in New Providence, NJ, recommends that you keep your Halloween candy stored and grab a piece or two as a treat after a meal rather than consuming it all day.

Sour Candy Is Harmful to Your Teeth

Sour candies are particularly acidic. If you're going to toss away any candy, make it the sour kind. Because of the mix of sugar and acid, it is not advisable to brush your teeth immediately after eating sweets. If you don't drink enough water while eating candy – which can help neutralize the acid – your enamel will become extremely sensitive. Brushing your teeth while they are already sensitive can aggravate the situation. When you add the sour component, the enamel on your child's teeth will erode faster.

Consume More Water

Drinking fluoridated water can aid in the prevention of tooth decay. When purchasing bottled water, search for fluoridated varieties.

Maintain Your Teeth Cleaning Routine

Of course, it is critical to maintaining good oral hygiene. Make sure you and your children brush your teeth every morning and night and that you floss every night before bed. We often see more patients for emergency dentistry following Halloween.

We wish you and your family a safe, enjoyable, and healthy Halloween this year. Follow the tips stated above to keep your child's teeth safe from Halloween candy! As always, if you have any questions, please contact our dental office in Denver, CO.