Dental Crown Emergency

Dental Crown Emergency

Don't be alarmed if your dental crown comes out. This dental emergency is an easy fix for your emergency dentist in Denver. In this article, Dr. O'Grady walks you through this dental crown emergency.

What Exactly Is A Dental Crown?

dental crown is a cap that is looks and feels like your natural tooth. It's designed to go over the top of your natural tooth. As a result, it can prevent further damage to cracked teeth or severely decayed teeth. Dental crowns are commonly placed after a root canal, large filling, or dental implant. Crowns come in a variety of materials, including porcelain, brass, and ceramic. Some crowns must be sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication while a temporary crown is worn in the meantime. Temporary crowns are designed to be quickly removed in order to make room for the permanent crown. If a temporary crown falls off, contact your emergency dentist right away to get it replaced. More modern technology allows for same-day crowns, which reduces the number of dental appointments needed for a crown and eliminates the need for that pesky temporary crown. Permanent crowns are very long-lasting, lasting anywhere from five to thirty years!

What Causes Dental Crowns to Fall Off?

While permanent crowns are extremely durable, they do sometimes fall out. This is often caused by teeth grinding (often at night), an injury, deterioration on the gum line, and/or gum disease. If you are concerned about losing the crown, keep it in a safe position before you can see a dentist. Don't be alarmed if the crown is mistakenly swallowed! Fortunately, it normally passes without having any internal issues.

Without the crown, the tooth may be vulnerable, explains Dr. O'Grady. If you have the crown, you should attempt to replace it temporarily. First, thoroughly clean the interior of the crown. Then, make sure you know which way the crown goes over the prepared tooth. It can be damaged if you try to put it in the wrong direction. Some people may be tempted to use super glue to keep the crown in place. These poisonous agents are not a good option because they do not fix the underlying cause of why the crown fell off. Instead, petroleum jelly or over-the-counter temporary dental cement may be used to keep the crown in place before you can see a dentist to get it inspected and permanently cemented. Remember not to press too hard when inserting the crown to avoid damaging the tooth underneath as well as the underlying gum tissue.

Our friend Dr. Ryan Helgerson, a dentist in Grand Junction, CO, says to avoid chewy, sticky, or hard foods during this time. Try chewing on the opposite side of your mouth. Allow the floss to slide out between the teeth rather than pulling it out over the crown and popping it off again. Clove oil is a natural anesthetic that can be purchased at any drugstore. When waiting for an appointment, it can help relieve pain and discomfort. The dentist would be able to numb the tooth as needed, determine whether tooth decay caused the crown to become loose, and provide the required dental treatment.

Other Problems With Dental Crowns

The bite may be high if a crown was recently inserted and is still sensitive. This causes you to strike the tooth too hard, which is painful and similar to a bruise. A fast visit to your dental office in Denver will solve this issue and correct your bite. The natural tooth beneath the crown can sometimes remain sensitive. Consult your dentist to see if a sensitive toothpaste will help alleviate any pain. Let them aware of any allergies you might have. Although it is uncommon, people who are allergic to metal may have a reaction to the material used in a crown and may need a different type of crown.

If you have had dental trauma, your crown can still be in place but is loose or chipped. This is also worthy of mention. A loose crown may signify underlying deterioration, while the rough edges of a chipped crown may be painful to soft tissue in the mouth. Call an emergency dentist to have the tooth checked and, if necessary. At OG Dental, we make room in our schedule for emergency appointments. If you're experiencing any type of dental emergency, give our office a call!