Cosmetic Dentistry Options In Denver

Cosmetic Dentistry Options In Denver

Consider these Cosmetic Dentistry Options In Denver options from your Denver CO Dentist if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile. There are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures that the best dentist Denver CO can do to make crooked teeth seem more natural.

5 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Here are five of the most common dental procedures for keeping your teeth clean, healthy, and appealing from dental care Denver.

1. Veneers for the teeth

Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures done by veneers Denver Highlands. Dental veneers are very thin porcelain pieces that are glued to the front of the tooth. Veneers are comparable in thickness to contact lenses. The placement of veneers on the teeth requires very little drilling. Dental veneers may help you improve the appearance of your teeth as well as the strength of your teeth.

This is the ideal cosmetic dental remedy for teeth that have darkened in color, are overly spaced, or are crowding. After veneers, even misaligned and damaged teeth seem to be pretty appealing. Your teeth will blend in flawlessly with one another after your dental veneers are in place, resulting in a beautiful smile.

2. Dental Bonding

A heavy-duty treatment may not be required if your teeth have just minor issues like general wear or discoloration. Instead, go for dental bonding, which will hide tiny flaws and make your teeth seem great. Dental bonding is the process of precisely matching composite materials to your existing teeth in order to conceal discoloration, reshape teeth, and fill gaps.

3. Contouring

Contouring, also known as reshaping or tooth sculpting, is one of the most efficient ways to correct crooked, chipped, or uneven teeth. Contouring and bonding are occasionally used together to guarantee that the patient's smile achieves its full potential. You will not be afraid to smile, laugh, or converse with people after contouring.

4. Ceramic Crowns

If you require a ceramic dental crown, you may be concerned about how it will seem when you smile with your lips parted. Ceramic crowns, on the other hand, provide the same strength and security as conventional dental crowns while also blending in with the surrounding teeth. Make use of this cosmetic dentistry option, and you'll be happy with your smile once again.

5. Whitening of the teeth

Dr. Green, Parker CO dentist, states that as time passes, your teeth will get discolored. The appearance of your teeth may be harmed by a variety of factors, including injury, sickness, poor dental hygiene, the use of certain foods/beverages, and the use of cigarettes. Teeth whitening enhances the appearance of the teeth by giving them a gorgeous white tint that you are happy to show off.

Teeth whitening may be done at the dentist's office or at home using teeth whitening trays. In fact, your dentist may create a bespoke teeth whitening tray to fit the proportions of your mouth, ensuring that the whitening chemical does not reach your gums.

Oral health experts and individuals who have undergone various types of teeth whitening treatments believe that whitening techniques performed within a dentist's office are much superior than others. You may go to the dentist with discolored teeth and leave with beautiful white teeth an hour or two later.

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