Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Cosmetic Dentistry

In Order to Fix My Child’s Teeth, Will it Hurt? How Much Would it Cost?

If your child has a tooth or mouth injury, visiting a dental professional would be the best option for you to get the situation checked out. Your Denver Highlands dentist will give your child a full-mouth evaluation and an estimate for treatment. At OG Dental, we want to ensure that you and your family have the best experience possible, pain-free.

Is the Agent Used in Teeth Whitening Toxic?

The products that are developed with the help of hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and urea should be used with caution. The mistreatment of these products, for example, giving more than the prescribed amount to the patient, can create issues for the patient after the treatment. Always consult with your dentist in Denver, CO, before starting teeth whitening treatments. Getting a professional opinion is well worth it. 

Are Toothpaste Whiteners Effective?

Dr. Kristina Neda, a Georgetown KY dentist, says that one misconception with these kinds of toothpaste is that they whiten your teeth, as the name suggests. However, that not very accurate as they do not actually whiten your teeth. They only remove surface stains and do not actually change the color of your teeth.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The process for this procedure varies from type to type. Over-the-counter whitening kits can cost as little as $20, but in-office procedures can go up to as high as $1000, on average professional whitening costs around $300 to $800. Another option is getting a professional at-home bleaching kit. This also ranges from $300 and $600.

Is Dental Bleaching Safe?

As proven by several studies, teeth whitening is totally safe. You can also protect your tooth enamel with the help of calcium sulfate and fluoride.

Can You Whiten Your Veneers, Fillings, or Crowns?

Teeth whitening has little to no effect on restorative materials like these, but it can reduce the bond between the composite restoration and your enamel, which is why it is recommended to have a dentist appointment scheduled before you try any course of teeth whitening.

Can My Teeth Be Whitened?

For most people, teeth whitening is possible, but to be sure, you should consult with your dentist in Denver, CO.

Can Teeth Whitening be Bad for Enamel? 

The answer to this question is no, teeth whitening cannot permanently damage your enamel.

Can Teeth Whitening Lead to Permanent Tooth Sensitivity?

It is for a fact that the sensitivity caused by teeth whitening is temporary and will go away within one or two days after the treatment. After that, the patient will return back to the sensitivity state he or she was in prior to the treatment.

Can Invisalign Fix Crooked Teeth?

People who have mild to moderate teeth misalignment will benefit from Invisalign, as these clear aligners are safe and effective. But what’s best in your situation will be determined by your dentist.

I Don’t Like My Teeth or Smile, What Should I Do?

There is a wide variety of options from which you can choose from based on your situation to improve the look of your smile. You go through these options with your dentist. If you’re looking for a dentist anywhere near Denver Highlands, MII, then look no further and visit Dr. O’Grady.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered By My Dental Insurance?

Usually, dental insurances usually cover all regular checkups but not cosmetic services. If you’re unsure about what your dental insurance covers, ask your insurance provider or contact OG Dental to learn more about our membership plans.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

A great smile can go a long way in terms of improving your self-confidence, which will, in turn, have a great impact on your social and professional life. Cosmetic dentistry is not all about pretty smiles. Our goal is to improve the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your smile. If you’re interested in any of our cosmetic dentistry services, contact OG Dental in Denver today!