Common Dental Emergencies 

Common Dental Emergencies 

Most dental problems are painful, so it is essential to know what you should do if an emergency occurs. It does not matter if it’s a minor emergency. It is always recommended that you get in touch with your emergency dentist in Denver, CO. From there, you’ll know what to do moving forward.

This is not to mean that if by bad luck something happens to your teeth, you are careless. Accidents happen, so here are some preventative measures you should keep in mind: 

  • Ensure you schedule regular dental visits for checkups and dental cleanings
  • If you are active and involved in sports, always wear a mouth guard during a game/practice
  • Ensure you have your Denver Highlands dentist’s contacts on hand
  • Brush your teeth daily twice a day and floss 

Below, we discuss a few dental emergencies that occur and what you should do when they arise.

Your Teeth Are Cracked or Broken. 

Immediately you observe a cracked or broken tooth, rinse out your mouth using warm water. To keep it from swelling, gently place an ice pack on your face, on the side of the affected tooth. 

Pain is most likely to occur, so it is recommended that you take an over-the-counter pain medication then call your Denver Highlands dentist. Your dentist may mend your chipped tooth using a filling or root canal or even place a crown, depending on the severity of your tooth injury.

Severe Toothaches 

Toothaches are very common. At least once in our lives, we’ve all gone through this. The incessant throbbing and the pain, we know the feeling. Toothaches may be caused by cavities or grinding your teeth. 

If you are experiencing a toothache, you should rinse out your mouth using warm water, then floss to check whether food or any other object might be the cause of the irritation. You can then place an ice pack on the side of your face to reduce swelling. Please do not press something warm against the swelling! 

If the pain worsens, take some pain medication and get in touch with your dentist over at OG Dental. From there, we will schedule your next available appointment. 

Knocked Your Teeth Out

If you are involved in an accident or a brawl, you need to act quickly. Yes, it’s painful, but the first thing you should do is get in touch with Dr. O’Grady ASAP. Put the tooth in a glass of milk if you can locate it. Dr. Honag, an emergency dentist in Bethlehem, GA, says avoid touching the roots. If it’s on the ground, pick it up by its crown. Do not try to rinse or clean the tooth. Leave it as it is. The longer the tooth stays detached from your gums, the less viable it will be. So, ensure you get to your dentist’s within the first half-hour after the accident occurred, or you may have to be fitted for an implant.

Is Your Dental Crown Loose or Missing?

If you notice that you are missing your dental crown, there’s a possibility you may have swallowed it. If you notice it is loose, you can use Vaseline as a temporary fix by applying it to the tooth, connecting the crown to it. 

Book a same-day appointment with your emergency dentist in Denver, CO, as soon as possible. Your tooth may become sensitive as more time passes.

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It is important to brush your teeth at least twice daily, and don’t forget to floss regularly. Our teeth are not replaceable, like a shark’s. They have five rows of teeth and as many as 3,000 teeth at a time. They can lose 100 teeth per day and easily replace them. You, on the other hand, will require time and money to get dental implants. So take care of your teeth!

Should you ever find yourself in a dental emergency, contact OG Dental immediately. Our team of experienced dental care professionals will do everything possible to save your natural teeth and address any accompanying symptoms, such as pain and swelling.