Am I A Good Candidate For Dentures?

Am I A Good Candidate For Dentures?

Dentures have been used to replace several lost teeth for hundreds of years. And, happily, for you, today's dentures are nothing like those worn by your grandparents (and probably complained about). Instead, dentures are more effective and natural-looking than ever before, mainly performed at your Denver Highlands Dentist. Continue reading if you continue to wonder, “Am I a good candidate for dentures?”

How To Know If Dentures Are Right For You

How can you know whether dentures are a good match for you? Do you think you'd be a good candidate for dental implants? Your Denver CO dentist has collected a list of items to think about while you're asking yourself these questions.

Your Missing Several Teeth

Patients missing multiple teeth from an entire arch, whether in the upper or lower jaw, may benefit from dentures created by Dentures Denver CO. There are two sorts of partials: partial and complete. With the remaining natural teeth, a partial denture is inserted. On the other hand, a full denture replaces all of the missing teeth. Partial dentures might be fastened into brackets attached to the remaining teeth. On the other hand, a complete denture requires the use of a denture adhesive, dental implants, or natural suction.

Your Teeth Are Breaking Down

Dentures aren't only for when you're missing teeth, as dentures Denver Highlands will tell you. According to the dental specialist, dentists may be an excellent alternative for restoring your ideal smile. Logic dictates that you should preserve your natural teeth wherever feasible. However, if you have several teeth that are severely damaged, fractured, or otherwise decaying beyond repair, dentures may help you regain standard shape and function. Clear speech, a healthy diet, and increased self-confidence are natural outcomes of having dentures near you.

You Have a Loose Denture

If you already have a denture that isn't fitting correctly, your dentist may be able to help you by stabilizing it with dental implants. Implants are artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. This becomes a part of the mouth's anatomy, reducing the pain caused by a missing dental component.

They may also be used to secure a loose or ill-fitting denture. All-on-4 dental implants are the finest option for an existing denture – as few as four strategically placed dental implants may support a fixed denture in only one session.

Dental Implants Are Not a Good Fit

Modern day dentures Easton PA explains, dentures may be helped in support by dental implants, although they aren't required to be. Some people are missing several teeth but cannot have dental implants due to medical issues or other factors such as age. Implants may impact the growth of underlying bones in children and teens under eighteen. If you have gum disease, you will be better off with a regular denture rather than implants.

Are Dentures a Good Option For You?

There's no reason to put off getting dentures after you've had an oral examination by a dentist near you and determined that you're a candidate. The only way to know whether a denture is the correct answer for you is to make an appointment with OG Dental Denver.

With modern-day partial or complete dentures, you have many things to look forward to. This is an excellent way to get a natural-looking smile that will help you live your life to the fullest!

Contact our office today to learn more about dentures and if they are a good fit for you!