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Take Advantage of Our Dental Membership Plan

Our Denver Highlands Dentist Office cares about both your health and your wallet at OG Dental. Our membership program is designed to provide you with the high-quality dental treatment you need, by the best dentist Denver CO, at a cost that is comparable to traditional dental insurance. Even if you don't have insurance, you can get high-quality, low-cost treatment by choosing from one of three alternative options. Whether you are in need of routine cleanings, restorative treatment or emergency care this plan is right for you. Be sure to choose the best Emergency dentist Denver Highlands.

How do dental membership plans compare to dental benefits?

Who Can Sign Up for the Membership Plan?

Anyone who does not have dental insurance or wants to switch to a different plan can sign up for our OG Dental Denver Membership Plan. You will have the option to choose from one of the following options: Bronze Plan, Silver Plan or Gold Plan. Be sure to visit our website for a breakdown of each of these choices.

What Are The Benefits?

Anyone who joins our membership plan will be eligible for a variety of perks. Some important bonuses that will lessen the pressure on your finances are no annual maximums, no deductibles, and FREE consultations. There are no claim forms, pre-authorization requirements, health inquiries, previous condition limits, no one will be refused coverage, no waiting periods, and even cosmetic, implant, and sedative treatments are covered.

What is Covered?

Our team at OG Dental Care Denver recognizes the significance of basic dental care and restorative procedures. Because these services should not be avoided due to a lack of funds, our Membership Plan includes a wide range of services at various percentages. All tests and x-rays, as well as two regular cleanings and fluoride, are fully covered. Fillings, extractions, periodontal and endodontic procedures are all covered at 50%. Additionally, this plan covers 40% of crown and bridge work, dental implants, and dentures and partials. Invisalign, Botox, and professional quality teeth whitening are all available at a discounted rate.

Why Do We Offer a Membership Plan?

Dr. O'Grady, family dentist Denver Highlands, and the OG Dental staff are happy to provide Denver residents with pleasant, cheerful dentistry. We are really concerned about your dental health, and we are committed to making your visit to our clinic a pleasant one. Our staff is kind and approachable, and we soon become friends with our patients. Because we care about more than just your teeth, we are a relationship-based dental clinic. Visit our website or Facebook page to send us a message to make an appointment if you're searching for a comfortable, contemporary dentist practice to call home!