5 Invisalign Tips From Your Denver CO Dentist

Tips for Using Invisalign - 5 Things You Should Know

Many individuals all around the globe struggle with the issue of misaligned and crooked teeth. Using conventional wire braces was the go-to solution for many years. The difficulty with them was that they were visible, needed to be changed from time to time, and were often somewhat unpleasant. Not to mention the potential problems. However, with the introduction of Invisalign in Denver CO, more than 11 million individuals worldwide discovered a simpler and more comfortable approach to obtaining a flawless smile. Today, we'll discuss Invisalign tips and how to get the most out of these creative and groundbreaking teeth straightening technology.

First And Foremost, You Should Wear Your Invisalign Aligners As Prescribed

One of the most significant advantages of Invisalign over conventional metal wire braces is that they are fully removable. As a result, the wearer bears responsibility for the treatment's efficacy. The usual guideline that we advise our patients at OG Dental is to wear their invisible aligners for at least 22 hours every day. The only time they may be removed, even for a short time, is when:

- You're eating and/or drinking (you don't have to remove them while drinking water, of course).
- When brushing or flossing your teeth

- When you need to speak, such as when giving an award speech

One of the first things we advise our patients about Invisalign is to wear them as much as possible during the first few days of treatment. This should aid in their mouth's adjustment to the new modification. Not wearing them as directed will lengthen the treatment process needlessly, and the aim is to have a properly aligned smile as quickly as feasible.

Tip #2 – Be Aware That There Is A Learning Curve

Our friends over at Park Hills Family Dentistry dentist in Lexington KY talk about how when wearing conventional braces, most patients experience difficulty with the most fundamental day-to-day activities, including speaking, eating, and drinking. It's the same with Invisalign. Approximately 7% of patients have reported difficulties speaking or developing some kind of speech impairment. This is quite typical for the first few months and should fear you from continuing with the therapy. Every procedure has a learning curve, and the keys to overcoming them are persistence and patience. Your speech handicap will go with enough practice, and your speech will return to normal.

#3 Invisalign Tip - Make Sure You Clean Them Correctly

Unlike conventional braces, which did not need cleaning, Denver CO Invisalign may be removed and cleaned. Even though this requires more effort since you must wash your teeth and clean your aligners, the cleaning regimen is fairly straightforward. Only lukewarm water and antibacterial soap are required. That's all.

It is critical to understand that hot water to clean the aligners might deform and destroy them, rendering them worthless. Also, avoid using toothpaste that you normally use to clean your teeth. Toothpaste often contains somewhat abrasive components that are beneficial to your teeth (scraping off plaque and germs) but not your Invisalign aligners.

Tip #4 – Do Not Discard Your Prior Set of Aligners

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you will be given new and somewhat different aligners that are meant to progressively straighten your teeth. Every new pair moves your teeth closer to their optimum place. Now, just because you have a new set of aligners doesn't mean you should get rid of your old ones. It's usually a good idea to have an old pair on hand in case of an emergency. For example, assume you've misplaced or damaged your present set. Not wearing the aligners for a few days (while you wait for a fresh set to arrive) might cause the straightening process to stall or even reverse. So, you might utilize your old set for the next three days to hold your teeth in place.

Final Tip - Retainers After Invisalign

There is always a chance that your teeth may wander back to their original position after undergoing tooth straightening therapy. This must be avoided. So, after you've finished straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you'll want to make sure the results last. Denver CO Dentists and orthodontists strongly advise wearing retainers after achieving a properly aligned smile. Retainers will assist in keeping your teeth in the right place and preventing them from slipping back into their previous, mismatched position.

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