5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Benefits

If you're not happy with your teeth and wish you had brighter smile, professional teeth whitening is a perfect solution. The following discussion explains why opting for professional whitening is better than using an off-the-shelf DIY kit bought at a pharmacy or grocery.

Brighter Results

In order to make-at-home whitening kits affordable and easy to use, manufacturers use very dilute whitening agents. Consequently, it is hard to get your smile to be as bright as you would like it to be.

In contrast, the whitening products that Dr. O’Grady uses at OG Dental are of a higher concentration (such as 35% hydrogen peroxide in contrast with the 3% in at-home kits) and this allows your Denver dentist to achieve superior results during a whitening treatment.

An added benefit of in-office whitening is that you have an opportunity to select the shade of brightness that you would like to achieve.

Fewer Risks

People who whiten their teeth often experience sensitivity and discomfort as a result. These risks are higher among people who opt for at-home kits because they don’t have a way to avoid contact between the whitening products and their gums or other soft oral tissues.

However, undergoing professional teeth whitening reduces these risks. At OG Dental, our experienced staff will do their best to reduce this risk and achieve the desired results.

Customized Treatment

Another key benefit of undergoing professional teeth whitening is that the procedure is customized to address your specific needs.

For example, Dr. O’Grady will help you to select the most appropriate shade of brightness that will show off your smile to the best effect. Additionally, the dentist in Highlands Denver will make a custom tray that will fit you perfectly for the best results.

Any previous dental work, such as crowns and veneers, will be accounted for.

Patient Education

Every patient is different and the realistic outcomes that can be expected from a whitening procedure vary from person to person.

Dr. Beth Herko, a New Providence dentist, explains, that a patient having intrinsic dental stains (stains inside the tooth itself due to root canal treatment, for example) may not get the same degree of tooth brightness as another patient with extrinsic dental stains (stains on the outer surface of the teeth due to the consumption of pigmented drinks, for example).

Your dentist at OG Dental in Highlands, CO will discuss all these factors with you.

All this beneficial education isn’t possible when you opt for at-home teeth whitening using OTC products. As a result, you will not know why it is taking so long to achieve the brightness you want, why your teeth stain quickly, or why some teeth haven’t responded to the teeth whitening products.

Faster Results

As we have already mentioned, professionals can use stronger teeth whitening agents in order to remove stains faster and safely. For this reason, you’ll be able to walk out of OG Dental with a brighter smile after a session of less than an hour.

This makes professional in-office teeth whitening the ideal alternative for people who urgently need a bright smile, such as those preparing for a special day like their wedding.

No such luck is available for people using at-home teeth whitening kits since results typically take about two weeks to start showing, and the change is so gradual that you may not even realize it’s happening!

It is important that you get all the relevant information before you make a decision about which teeth whitening option is best. At OG Dental, we make patient education the cornerstone of all we do. Contact OG Dental today if you are considering whitening your teeth and we will recommend the best way to achieve long-lasting results.